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        ABOUT 杂乱小第320部分

        “I don’t care. From now onwards, you are my experimental boyfriend. I will be following you around for this period of time. But don’t worry,” Jiang Qianxue nodded vehemently. “when I find the super genius our relationship will end. When that time comes, you will still be my friend, okay?”


        Hong Dali twitched his lips in disdain and said, “Brother Tianzong, can your scope of sight be larger. The attribute of this sword is too low. Although its effect isn’t bad, it isn’t very useless either. I have something better here, why don’t I give it to you too.”


        Haha, I was bored, so I just joined for fun. As he put the certificate the clerk had issued him into his pocket, Ace smiled and said, They are giving money away for free. If I dont take it, wouldnt that be a loss for me?


        He ran to a corner and started crying. If my Master had something like that, he wouldnt have lost to Duan Xuan Uh uh uh, I better go back first. Uh uh uh


        Nianwei ah, Li Nianweis father placed his hand on hers, reminding her. our family background is ordinary and cannot be compared to others. It is all thanks to Young Master Dali that you are here. You must be grateful to him. Even animals know how to protect their masters. We cant be worse than animals, right? You must help Young Master when youre out with him. Dont let him be too tired. Do you understand?

        OUR TEAM

        Yes, I know. Jiang Qianxues grandfather Jiang Dongliu chuckled and nodded his head. He said, Qianxue has always been a child who is in control of her emotions. Unless it is something major, her ability to control her emotions will not be affected. Now that such a super-genius has appeared, it is normal that a girl her age would idolize him. Its not a big problem.

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        Nick SmithDeveloper


        When Li Yang attacked, Tianyi could see that he did not have a strong foundationhis moves were not organized and he was strong only because of his attributes. Tianyi was sure then that they must be the young misses of a rich and powerful family who had come out for an outing. Not only that, they were three extremely beautiful princesses!


        Although he said that, Tang Ruixis trembling arm betrayed himshe was his only daughter, after all. To live in such a far place at the Galaxy Alliance Center, whose parents would not be worried? It was often said that a daughter was a mothers cotton jacket and a fathers little lover. That was true. It was natural for a father to be worried for his daughter.


        After a brief period of confusion, Tang Muxin chose a set of light and airy cloth armor. Li Nianwei chose a set of figure-hugging leather armor. Ling Xiaoyi chose chain armor. Li Yang, Lucifer, and Levis simply just picked whatever caught their eye. There was no way that would go wrong!


        Out of the Star Harbor, Hong Dali stretched lazily and looked around. Ah, its a happy day, haha!


        Speaking of which, the attributes of the accessories in the shop were average and not too valuable. However, they were beautiful


        With every step Li Tianxing took, apart from the invincible aura, icy snow formed where he walked past.

        WORK STEPS

        Hearing the voices of envy and the applause, Scott beamed. Conceit, this was something not many could resistotherwise, why would he train so hard for it?



        “Brat, you must have many secrets,” Tang Long said, troubled. “However, I am an AI butler and cannot interfere too much with your matters. All right, what do you intend to do with these top-grade gems? Sell them?”



        He was extremely upset nowhe was an Honorary Aristocrat, an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat! His guards were sent flying by a lackey and he was mauled by a tiger. He was completely disgraced! Furthermore, there were so many people watching


        Youre giving me something again? Jiang Qianxue hesitated slightly at the thought of being given another gift. However, it was not the first time and she was getting used to it. This time she did not object, so they started off.


        Here, at the Galaxy Alliance Center, even the Galaxy Aristocrats probably had not had the chance to do this before—opening and presenting a room full of +13 and +14 attribute gems and telling others, “Take whatever you want, they aren’t very valuable anyway…”

        • “Mister, how… how many levels did you pass at the Tower of Trials?” As he led the way, Luo Qiang chatted with the Mister. Second Greatest Mister seemed an appropriate term. The other Great Mister was fiercer than him…
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